Where in the world is Chris?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Start of Day 7

According to Chris's Spot-Dot, he has taken off from Polaris and is headed quickly toward Lima. Looks like he and Mary should run into each other today at some point, which will be a welcome surprise for them both I'm sure.

I'm not totally sure where he is headed for the day, although I can assume that Lima won't be enough mileage so he'll probably stop there for resupply/food and then I hope he keeps going and either makes it to Island Park (which will be another 80 miles from Lima -- pretty far) or at least gets close and camps out for the night.

I have a ride planned today with a our friend Erik. I'm over-analyzing how long I think it will take him to get to Lima so that I can adjust my riding plans so as not to miss his call from Lima. If I miss this call, I most likely won't hear from him again until tomorrow which I'm afraid would make him (and of course me) very sad. HMMMMMMM.

Today is the first day since Day 1 that I've felt depressed about this whole thing.

But... it'll pass with one phone call I'm sure.


Stefan said...

Hang in there Marni! Hope you get his call today, and thanks for all the cool updates. Almost makes me feel like I'm out on the trail with him, except I'm sleeping a lot and not suffering... Hope his Achilles gets better too. That's a good sign that he's not debilitated by it and still pedaling away.


Todd Plesko said...

Mary and Chris appear to be exactly the same lattitude and longitude and the same time. Perhaps this will help them both with the energy to keep rolling along with energy.

Chad said...

Thanks for the updates Marni. I can see why where Chris gets his inspiration, you are truly a remarkable wife and best friend to him. Keep up the good work.

I will be watching with much anticipation for Chris to arrive in Antelope.