Where in the world is Chris?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

End of Day 2

Chris has decided to go a few miles off route and stop for the night in Polebridge rather than pushing on to Whitefish. He wanted to make it to Whitefish but saw himself getting in quite late and descending in the dark, and decided it was better to call it an early night and push on early tomorrow. He is now trying to figure out logistics on how far to go tomorrow as he doesn't want to get stuck on the nasty passes too late in the evening. He should be calling back later, after he finds a place to stay, and hopefully I can help him think through his choices. I think it was a good decision to stop now rather than pushing too far into the night when he's already tired. He sounds positive but also wanting to get everything taken care of quickly. More tomorrow!


Jill said...

Hi Marni,

Geoff was interested in meeting up wih Chris in Whitefish if Chris has a few minutes. If you talk to him before he gets out there, can you give him Geoff's phone number? It's 907-209-4008. Geoff is camping somewhere near town.

Hope all is OK. That latest Spot mark makes it look like he's off route.

Thanks again!

Marni said...

Hi Jill,

He is about six miles off route -- wanted to sleep in a town rather than bivy all nice and cozy with the bears. He'll leave there in the morning and probably get to Whitefish around lunch. He's supposed to call me from Whitefish so I'll pass along Geoff's phone number when I hear from him. Thanks for passing it along to me!

Jill said...

LOL, I can understand about bivying with the bears. I've done it before, outside Haines Junction in the Yukon. I ate a package of tuna with my hands and then cozied into my bivy sack on a bunch of spruce bows. I was so tired that I didn't care. Only the next morning did I wake up and realize how dumb that was.

Glad to hear everything is going well on the trail. Hope our boys can meet up. It's nice to know there's another GDR "widow" out there. I look forward to your updates!

Geoff said...

hey marni,
if you hear from chris after 12 noon tell him that i am at the library. there is a group of cycle tourists giving a presentation on a recent trip they did at the library starting at noon that i'm going to check out. if he shows up i'll step out of that and get some lunch with him.

Geoff said...

looks like he blew through whitefish and is into columbia falls... he's cruising. wish him my best once you hear from him.