Where in the world is Chris?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Middle of Day 4

As Chris has been trudging along in the wilderness with no phones, I don't expect to hear from him again until he reaches Lincoln tonight. I just wanted to check in and point out that he successfully made it over the *scary* pass that other TDers complained of (Richmond Peak, I think). What took others a said 5-6 hours, looks like it didn't take nearly that long according to his spot. Perhaps his strategy of letting stuff melt an extra few days paid off. We'll have to see what he says tonight. He's cruising super fast and looks like he should make it into Lincoln way before his expected "late night".

This Spot makes following along so much more fun! Anyone ever try to high five a computer screen before? Yeah, didn't work so well. When I saw he was over The Pass, I couldn't help but cheer. I've had nightmares about this dang pass since first reading about it on the Tour Divide blog.

In other news, looks like our friend Dave Nice has given up the good fight. This was his third attempt at the route on a fixed gear bike. He seems to have some terrible luck when it comes to traveling and racing lately, and this time he seems to have come down with a bad cold. Poor Dave :( He still made it a good, long way and we're all proud of him back here in Denver. Chris will be super bummed to hear that he's out, so I'm not sure I'll tell him unless he asks. Chris even made the comment that if for some reason he couldn't finish, he would be want more than anything for Dave to finish. You did a good job, Dave! I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures when you get back to town! (Chris took this picture of me and Dave sitting on the back of the E before Dave's departure. It makes me look miniature :D


Becky said...

Glad he's over the pass!!!!

PaddyH said...

sorry to hear that Dave had to pull the plug...glad Chris feels strong.