Where in the world is Chris?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Start of Day 6

Chris just called from Butte. He stayed in Basin last night but couldn't find a phone. He left Basin early this morning and his moving along trying to at least get to the Hot Springs tonight, but he'd rather get to Lima. He seemed to be having a particularly difficult morning, so hopefully he will get on the trail, focus, and have a better day. I know there will be good days and bad, but I'd prefer they are all good :)

Yesterday he said he got a new bike computer in Helena, and then it didn't work, so he had to turn around and go back -- which frustrated him to no end probably. Then he said he just wasn't able to really get into a groove riding. He rode almost all of the technical sections and even made it up a super steep/sandy/blah hill leading into Basin. His achilles still seems to be bothering him. It seemed better the other day, but he mentioned this morning that it started to hurt quite a bit when it got cold last night. I gave him Stefan's suggestions of tape and pedal style, so we'll see if that helps. He said once it warms up it feels ok. Let's all hope it stays together and gets feeling better.

He's mostly getting frustrated with having the last two days be lower mileage days (around 100 miles). I tried to tell him that EVERYONE has had those two shorter days and not to worry. He's still darn close to Matt Lee's pace, which is saying a lot considering he has gears, suspension, and has done it 5 times.

Hopefully I will get to talk to him tonight and hear that he is doing better.

It seems it will be a long day for both of us.

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