Where in the world is Chris?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tour Dividers are off!

I just got back from watching the Tour Divide riders take off on the trail. There seemed to be an air of nervousness, anxiousness, and chamois creme in the air. I wish them all the best of luck! (Chris and I both got pictures but I will need to charge the battery on the camera before downloading them.)

Chris is out riding the first section of the trail with some friends but will return shortly. Looks like his new tentative departure date is Monday instead of Saturday (due to some serious snow in Montana), but we're trying to be patient and play the "wait and see" game. It's good, because then I get to see him for a few extra days, but it's also prolonging the nervous anticipation of his leaving. We are both working on staying calm and flexible... it's easy to see that a big part of him wants to be leaving this morning with the group, but I think he's making a good choice for himself.

Now I need to find out if we can stay in our place for a few extra days...


Anonymous said...

Looks gorgeous!!! Makes me glad you got the house so you don't move there! Have you heard from any of the riders that already left about what they encountered for weather? mom

Geoff said...

good luck chris. based on the 6+ inches of new snow i rode through at 7,000 feet in montana yesterday i think you would be very wise to wait a few xtra days.

hope to see you sometime next week. i expect to be in/around whitefish from monday through thursday. i'll track you on your SPOT and look for you when you roll through.