Where in the world is Chris?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Middle of Day 2

I just got back to Denver and had a message waiting from Chris. It was about 2:00 this afternoon and he was in Eureka. He sounded tired or upset, but said he was doing really well.

Here's the message for those that are interested:

Hey it's me, it's uh, 2:01 despite my voice I'm doing good. It's too early to stop here in Eureka so I'm going to keep on going and uh, I'll talk with you from Whitefish. I promise I'm ok, I just uh had an ice cream snickers and got some food for the road and put on some more sunscreen. It's about 80 degrees and uh I feel good. I've been covering ground pretty fast so we'll see. I, uh, hope somehow I make Whitefish tonight and if I don't, I'll sleep out. So, um, wish me safe, uh, a safe ride and no bears. Alright, uh, I'll talk to you from Whitefish.

I had an extreme moment of panic when I got home and saw his Spot-dot head back north after Eureka until I cross-checked it with the Tour Divide site and noticed that was how the trail goes. Duh. The heart-stopping panic was for nothing. Nice. I also realized I need to stop reading the Tour Divide phone reports because I don't need anything else to put bad situations into my head.

I am so incredibly proud of Chris and can't believe how quickly he's moving along. This trip will be the hardest thing either of us have ever done, but he's going to do so awesome and we'll both be stronger for it.

By the way, I had this great idea in the car ride through borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring Montana that I am going to keep a diary/log of this event from the eyes of the nervous wife waiting at home. That way, when someone gets ready to do this thing, Husband can pass along my account to Wife instead of the nitty-gritty-trail-report that I got to read. That way Wife will know what she's getting herself into and not be as surprised as I am over the serious mood swings and panic that I now get to experience. Hmmmm....

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