Where in the world is Chris?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

End of Day 3

Chris just called from the bar at/near Holland Lake Lodge. This was his goal for the day, so he chugged along 150/160 miles today and made it (the downed trees, he said, were not nearly as bad has he expected)! He ate some steak, potatoes, and dessert and was getting ready for a shower and bed. He sounded pretty good, although tired. He said he was doing great and hopes to make it to Lincoln tomorrow. He will tackle the snowy pass tomorrow morning and keep pedaling along. He had some Achilles tendon pain in his right foot today but is hoping it is gone in the morning. He said it doesn't hurt constantly, just in certain positions. So hopefully tomorrow that will be feeling better and he will make it to Lincoln. He will be starting after 8 am since breakfast is not served until then!


trio said...

Wow you must be so proud, this is amazing. One day I'd like tot htink I could attempt something like this but I'm not sure anyone but the super-human could.

I'm enjoying reading the updates and seeing the pictures.

Becky said...

Oh man! Still praying for a safe trip. And I am happy that he stopped in "Holland". Way to go Chris!