Where in the world is Chris?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 1

Hi all. Chris left his mom a message from the store 60ish miles in around 3:00 -- he was doing well and sounded very positive. She sweetly called me once I got into cell range in Montana and let me listen to the message. He either said the morning was "uneventful" or "eventful" and also said that he saw a lot of wildlife -- and then something about "at least they didn't come too close, but close enough" or something to that extent. Not sure exactly what that means :D. He said he was having a good time and sounded like he was excited to keep going. According to his Spot, he is now in Sparwood and seemed to make it there around 9:30 tonight (about 11.5 hours after leaving this morning at 10am). I'm hoping he chooses to stop there for the night and will be calling shortly. I am anxiously waiting by the cell phone in my hotel in Billings.

(I left the camera in the car and I am not up for hiking out to get it, so in the morning I will make a quick post about his departure this morning. I got some great photos!)

EDIT: Just talked to Chris around 11:00 from Sparwood. He seems to be doing good. Had some adventures today for sure. Saw almost every imaginable animal including a porcupine, moose, donkey, and a... gasp... bear. He said it wasn't scary though and didn't chase him or anything, but kept him alert and aware of what was around him. He is headed over the border tomorrow early afternoon and hopefully into Whitefish by this time tomorrow night. He has a few big passes to go over tomorrow (our original weather worry), but they seem to be getting quicker and quicker and he's now worried instead about a few passes down the road a day or two. Hopefully those extra few days of drying and melting will come in handy and help him out a bit. He promised to be careful and watch out for animals. He sounds a little tired but said he was feeling great and could've kept going if he wanted to. He chose instead to get a good night's sleep at a hotel and rest. We will hear from him around the border tomorrow, and hopefully from Whitefish tomorrow night.


Mike said...

So I'm at a computer most of that day and can't help but watch the progress from the Spot transponders. Incidentally, I created this aggregated view of the rest of the riders and Chris since he isn't on the main leader board: http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?_id=dtzIL_473RGivggmjtzu1g

Anyway, good stuff

Marni said...

Mike! That's awesome! Thanks!!