Where in the world is Chris?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Start of Day 4

Chris just called from breakfast and is about to head out for the day. He will try to make it to Lincoln, which I have estimated as about 13 hours away. It is a short day, distance-wise, but will be tiring I'm sure. Hopefully the spot will continue to work better today than yesterday...

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Stefan said...

Hey Marni-

So cool to see how Chris is doing everyday on this grandest of adventures! He is really making great time so far!

I used to suffer through some achilles pain too during/after really long rides like last year's GLR. So, if it persists for him, I have a couple tips.

#1.) A 1" wide strip of cloth tape around the ankle for added support. Not too tight. This is a temporary fix.

#2.) This one was the permanent fix for me! Focus on dropping the heel more during the downward pedal stroke. In addition to a bit more power, this position doesn't stress the achilles and calf so much. I learned this during a computerized/laser bike fit given to me by my PT buddy who does this for a living. It has made all the difference, and I've never had issues since.

Also, if you ever feel the need for some company that sort of understands what you and Chris are up to, feel free to drop me a line!