Where in the world is Chris?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

End of Day 4

Chris just called in from Lincoln. He is splitting a hotel with Tour Divide racer Stephen Gleasner. Chris made it over the nasty pass. Said part of it was sketchy for sure, but he made it through it in around 2 hours. He also had a small crash where he got snagged by a tree and thrown face first into a muddy puddle. He seems to think that was funny, so that's good. He's in a very good mood despite a few troubles on the day, so I think Stephen's company is a very good thing.

Big news of the day was that he launched his GPS off the bike and now it's gone. DAMN. That was his only "computer" on the bike and the maps are based off of mileage, so basically he was screwed. Luckily, just before that happened, he met up with Stephen on the trail and they were able to ride together into Lincoln. Now I need to go buy a new GPS and load the tracks and have it ready to overnight in the next few days to... well... somewhere. Anyone out there in bloggerland able to give me an email tutorial on how to download the tracks from Topofusion onto an E-trex Vista HCX by tomorrow? The tracks *should* still be on my parents' desktop, I just need to know how to get them from the computer onto the gps so that he'll be able to successfully see them. Dang. Should've paid attention to that when he did it the first time...

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